My work investigates primal narratives, fantasies and lost memories through painting, drawing and sculpture. The places, figures and specters that appear in my work are vessels holding tales of moral ambiguity. I want to see how these fictions unfold in visual and written language and how they operate within my body. 


The subject matter of my paintings and sculptures are forms undergoing transformation, oscillating between physical object, depiction, and fantasy. I source the content of my work from memory, photos, and observation; I am drawn to materials such as oil paint, dirt, foam, wood and canvas because of their textures, colors, smells, malleability and associative potential. I relocate different times and places to forms and images, attempting to uncover veiled experiences. Circular time, non-sequential narratives, and signifying chains frame the inner experience of my work and how it addresses the world. I draw inspiration from Surrealism and early Renaissance works, as well as from Andean cuir/queer literature and psychoanalysis. 


I am interested in inner physical and psychological spaces. By translating existing sculptures into a two-dimensional field of representation through observational painting, I hope to transport my audience into another space. What could it mean to resignifiy objects through different forms of representation? How can new meanings be established between forms? Through color, shifts in scale, and ways of rendering objects pictorially or reassembling objects into sculptural form, I propose new ways of looking, perceiving, and shifting the gaze of my audience. Through these works I hope to elicit questions of belonging, disorientation, and translation.


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