Camilla Carper is an interdisciplinary artist using material to sync up with forces  larger than themself. They refuse to know God and would rather turn to topics like the weather or fashion to answer life's big questions. Carper uses objects at hand such as clothing, discarded food, and furniture to trace routines. These objects accumulate information and create records of experience. Carper is trying to pause fleeting moments long enough to feel the patterns circulating in material culture, their family history, love life, and queer body.

It is impossible for any artwork Carper makes to be complete. Their objects are in a state of change, continually deteriorating and growing. Carper steers form by establishing circumstances for objects to travel through. Their work establishes networks to share and distribute material: a lending library, a conversation, a fashion show. Carper's fictions are difficult to differentiate from reality, their performances are intertwined with life.


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