My paintings address the psychological effects and hardships of the working class. Memory allows me to reencounter truths that may have been hidden, slightly lost in retelling, or abandoned in a state of disorientation. I explore moments between stillness and tension; I think about withholding or disclosing realities in an attempt to capture the unknown.


Through inner reflection, I traverse the indeterminate and the explicit. This pursuit to revisit realities leads to more questions than answers. I am constantly reminded of the perpetual cycle of life: the cyclical wear and tear on the body and mind, and the weight life bares.

Throughout the process of painting, I search for color combinations that emit a sensorial quality. I apply slabs of paint along with thinned, washed layers, employing abrupt brush marks and various tools. These varying techniques reflect intangible feelings, including risk, fragility, and survival. The figural arrangements evolve through the process of reworking the painting. My gestures allow me to improvise my color palette, which is both invented and derived from observation.


Blurred moments of clarity followed by a dialogue between past and present have revealed a fragmented understanding of myself: Perhaps two halves reflecting each other based on family history and childhood growing up near the U.S-Mexico border.

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