The artist needs to be caught by surprise. This becomes more challenging as tools,

including their output, become familiar. The process starts by narrowing the playing field

and bringing elements by which the artist feels engaged emotionally and

provoked intellectually. This leads them to focus their energy and attention on

recreating their puzzle through materials, including performance.

The artist doesn't aim to make something complicated, but rather, something

impossible. Their relationship to the audience is indispensable to the work, so much that

without an audience the artist would not exist. The audience is a key participant in

bringing the artist's work to life. It is also a lighthouse that allows the artist to explore

how far they can be and still see the light.- This is a point of transcendence. The

same point can be found when the artist turns so inwards and specific that the audience

and the artist become one, even if for a moment.

The medium and the material- including the artist- function to create meaning. There is

no meaning without contradiction, ambiguity or tension. Humans spend a lifetime trying

to classify feelings and behaviors through a frame of ethical dichotomy. In this process

of embracing desirable emotion and rejecting what is undesirable, one creates

internal conflict. These internal points of tension often get lost or digress into abstract

pieces of information about which it is hard to logically make sense. The artist offers a

pathway to these lost pieces by assembling and collaging materials, and mediums. The

artist is interested in the anti-hero, in contradiction, alienation, refusal, in the life-long

emotional processing that puts things away; and brings them forward again

into consciousness. The artist is interested in the phenomenon in which things

mutate, disappear, dissipate, become smaller or integrated after they are seen. The

artist is the first viewer, at the end. The work regains its climactic potential when seen

by a new audience.

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