My practice is rooted in the sensual materiality and inescapable politics of cloth. Hand dyeing, quilting, and beading transform silk and found fabrics into portals and permeable membranes offering slantwise glimpses at cycles of fever, lust, purging, and metamorphosis. My sculptures blend steel, cast iron, and hand-dyed silk and the forms recall alien creatures, humanoid hybrids, egg sacs, and tropical creepers with tentacles outstretched.

My textiles and soft sculptures have an amphibious relationship to being and not-yet-being, past and future, the human and non-human. I use the quotidian materials of cloth and raw steel to position the divine in the material world and inscribe a path toward the infinite anchored in the realm of the senses. Time becomes slippery, thorns and tentacles penetrate the borders of the self, and the tunnels of alien insects perforate gallery walls. My works are shrines to systems of survival carved out at the margins, to the chthonic gods of an alien earth.


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