I form autobiographical threads that utilize color to hold emotional weight; they are descriptive of personal memory and symbolic of regions I've called home. By merging natural and manmade material, fibers and objects to weave, embroider, draw, paint, collage and create sculpture, my work reflects on the origins of weaving as a form of language. Weaving is the text I return to that teaches me to unravel movement by physically giving into the exertion of the process. This exchange of listening, conversing, and dancing reveals a space that digests ideas of nature, the intrinsic and what is natural. The process coils the complexities that live within self, family, home and communal dynamics. Color schemes evoke feelings of corporeal matter--it's synchronous, impermanent and fluctuates in motion. Through bundling, weaving, stitching, pouring, tearing, and mending, I intertwine growth with decay and arrange tactile tensions in cyclical rhythms. This journey crafts visual climes that are in dialogue with spirit. My interest in textiles lies in the healing benefits of these traditions evident in the research of expressive arts therapists, clinical psychologists, and writers. Currently, I am in dialogue with crafting traditions of la Cordillera de los Andes. Tracing the interconnections and shifts between textile techniques from different regions, I embrace the embodiment of this language as a form of storytelling through the power of cloth.


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