Dragging, climbing, sagging,

            The lines of my work take on weight

Lifting, tilting, shifting,  

            The weight of lines, mine, yield support

Fracturing, whipping, splintering,

            Flashes—between line and body

Sliding, winding, aligning

            Re-minding time.


My drawings, collages and installations dwell in the lyricism of liminal mark-making. They function as mnemonics for channeling the physical and psychological experiences of moving through space and time. These layered, modular works reflect on narratives of time, memory and displacement. They question multitudes of self and refusal. Thus form and content mutate in each iteration. I work with graphite, ink, tape, castoff papers, and charcoal—some of which I make from pieces of wood found near my studio in New Haven.

The inherent characteristics of materials and processes are often deployed metaphorically, conjuring allied motifs to broaden or offset meaning. My practice marries the apparent mundaneness of close-at-hand materials with the quasi-sacrosanct quality of photographic records to generate a fluid memory space for locating meaning. Tearing and playful reassembly are gestures toward facilitating states of elusiveness and transformation. Building upon a limited palette, drawing and scribbling thread my works in contradiction and consolidation.

Recurring motifs such as constraint (working through limitation), in-betweenness (slippages of diasporic identity), and transformation (of selves continually becoming) pervade my work. I therefore encourage spectators to linger and find meaning as mediated through their own subjectivities.